How can you use the perfect VPN in The Netherlands? A few things to keep under consideration when using these services

How can you use the perfect VPN in The Netherlands? A few things to keep under consideration when using these services

We recently wrote an interesting article for watching Ziggo GO abroad. There, we dwelt on the possibilities for enjoying programs’s and broadcasts on vacation as a Ziggo subscriber. Whether you are camping in the south of France or travelling across America in a camper van.  Although, in the case of the latter, you should ask yourself whether you would not rather be looking around you than at the television, it is of course the case that you should be able to watch your favorite channels as a paying customer that needs la migliore VPN per lo streaming di Netflix.

Ziggo GO is not available in every country due to broadcast rights

Ziggo GO is not available in every country. Ziggo itself speaks of 28 countries (time of writing is 13 August 2020) belonging to the EU from which you would be able to watch. However, not all countries in Europe participate in the EU. It has to do with broadcasting rights: Ziggo pays for programs to be broadcast in Europe, not outside of Europe. Not outside of Europe.

The total list of countries where you can simply watch Ziggo GO can be found in our extensive article about watching Ziggo GO abroad. So it doesn’t apply to countries like China or Turkey. Fortunately, at VPNpower we also do thorough research on the best VPN for Turkey to the best VPN for Indonesia that work with Netflix.

How does this work? Ziggo GO looks at your IP address: if it comes from a country for which no broadcast rights have been paid, you will be blocked. Ziggo is certainly not alone in this. We also wrote step-by-step plans for watching FOX Sports abroad and watching Videoland abroad. Even YouTube is not available in every country…

Ziggo GO asks here to find out more about your location: thus, this determines whether there are any broadcast rights.

How we conduct our research into the best VPN for Ziggo GO

For the research on the best VPN for Ziggo GO, we zoomed in on specific features of the VPN software. We juxtaposed 12 popular VPN providers and compared them on the following key factors:

  • Distribution of VPN servers in countries where Ziggo GO wél can be watched
  • The speed of the VPN servers, so that we do not experience hiccups during streaming
  • Support for multiple devices, so you can also check with your iPad at the campsite
  • We didn’t lose sight of the price of the software

In addition to the above factors that we examined specifically for Ziggo GO, we – as with all other VPN reviews – look at the following features by default:

  • Security: which encryption does the relevant VPN provider use? We also look at possible hacks in the past in countries where Ziggo GO cannot be watched.
  • Software: is the VPN software user-friendly and do you not need to be an ICT expert to understand the software? Something we do think is important :).
  • Speed: how about the speed of the servers? Are there many users per server possible? That can result in a slow connection, even with VPN Express!
  • Servers: how many servers does the particular VPN provider have. What is the distribution like and in which locations are they located?


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